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  • How to Travel Accommodation Free by House Sitting

    For many, the dream of traveling abroad seems unattainable due to the costs. Between airfare, hotels, food, rental cars or car services, food, and so on, a weeklong trip can become impossible. Fortunately, a new option has become available over the last few years, allowing you to travel accommodation free. People who live where you want to travel will also need to travel. If they have pets, will be gone for an extended period of time, or simply want someone to look after the place, they may look to have someone housesit their home. And rather than pay someone locally to look after things, why not let you stay there for free in exchange for doing those chores?

    Generally, house-sitting has very little “work” required. You may need to keep after a pet, keep up the landscaping, or simply be there every night. But there can be some unexpected issues …